New to the Shroud raid? Need to practice the lights-out puzzle? Here are some tools and guides to prepare yourself in the quest to stop the planes of Eberron from becoming coterminous!

Shroud Teaching Raid by Sarlona’s High Lords of Malkier – Get an idea of what to expect by watching VoodooSpyce’s training raid.

Shroud for Beginners – Uncle Shunk’s step by step of each part of the raid.

How to Solve Shroud Puzzles for Yourself –  My overly-wordy tutorial! You don’t have to know how to solve one of these puzzles for Shroudpalooza – there will be plenty of people who can help out – but just in case you’d like to learn, these puzzles come in handy in a few other quests in DDO.

Shroud Puzzle Practice/Solver –  Web version. This is also available as an Apple or Android app.

Clips from the 2014 Shroud Tour:HarrySmall

How To Fail Shroud

Tasting the Rainbow Wall

Shroud Run from Cannith Shroudpalooza 2014

Shroud Run from Argo Shroudpalooza 2014