There are a lot of talented artists who play Dungeons & Dragons Online! There are also a lot of people challenged to draw a straight line. It takes all kinds to get through the dungeon, and in that spirit, we want to have a Shroudpalooza art contest! Your prompt is to create artwork that relates to the Shroud raid, the Vale of Twilight DDO Adventure Pack, Arraetrikos quests or Shroudpalooza hijinks.


Can you do better than BonnieBew’s Prismatic Chibipalooza? Can you do worse? We want to see all of your Shroudpalooza-themed art!

We’ll share entries on this site or on stream, but be careful when you draw those Bigby’s Guiding Hands, kids! (We reserve the right to quietly forget any art that might violate DDO’s Code of Conduct and never speak of it again.) Be brave!

Can you render a realistic sculpture of Arraetrikos out of Play-Doh? Send us a picture! Can you pointilize a party fighting a gelatinous cube? We wanna see! Can you line art Tulip Nutty Buddy finding a Rainbow In The Dark? This is your time to shine! Have you created a ‘be nice to owlbears’ diorama with your own 8 hands? We want to see this!

Tulip Nutty Buddy

As a bribe to get people to participate, there will be a participation trophy raffle of a 60-day VIP code. We’ll also pick our four favorite entries (assuming there are four, cuz at the moment, if you take out BonnieBew and Tholgrin because they’re ineligible, we got nada) and put up a poll somewhere where the community can vote in a democratic way. The winner will get a 1500 DDO point code.

Submit your entries on or before December 1, 2018. Up to 2 entries per person. We’ll award the prizes for better or worse during the December 15th stream on Khyber.

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