EvenstoneavatarEvenNote has so many DDO cosmetic pets and bottles of nail varnish that we’re planning an intervention. She enjoys long walks in the Tower of Despair, air conditioning, the theatre, and the color green. Even will be the main streamer for Shroudpalooza 2018. You can find her on Thelanis server, follow her on Twitter, read her blog, or watch her in Streamin’ With Even and DND Night on twitch.tv/DDOstream. She’s everywhere, really. Look behind you! Ahh! Even’s spirit animal is the kobold.

TholgrinavatarTholgrin is a max-baud dwarf who likes tacos more than you. Hailing from the Orien server, he was voted ‘Most Likely To Become Unfortunately Moist’ at the Stoneforge Family Reunion. A recovering vegetarian, it remains unwise to feed him bacon from your hand. We recommend Kevlar and a crane as Preferred Meat Delivery Solutions. You can find Tholgrin eloping with manticores on Twitter and desperately trying to avoid profanity on DDOstream. Tholgrin’s spirit animal is an axe.

bewavatarsmallBonnieBew is still trying to get Arraetrikos to date her. After four years, you’ve got to wonder if she didn’t suffer brain damage the last time she woke up on Korthos Beach. Bonnie founded the Owlbear Welfare League – Because Eberron Acts Responsibly! – and encourages everyone to remember that ursicidal decorations are sad decorations. A native of Cannith server, you can find BonnieBew on Twitter, DnD Night on DDOStream, and just about any show where the hosts make poor guest decisions. Bonnie’s spirit animal is the sound that lasers make.